Web Design

Websites I've built

Mr Red Blob

A website I made dedicated to my YouTube channel, The Adventures of Mr Red Blob, which is about the adventures of a red blob and his many friends.

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Homework Help For Kids

A free website helping children with their piles of homework without the distraction of ads. Also an app.

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Paul Watson Decorators

An independent decorator who is looking for jobs in his local area.

This website is currently in production.

Toys Are Magic

A YouTube channel all about toys.

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CC Portfolio

A portfolio for a (rather handsome) guy called Calum Childs, who is a web designer, photographer and a student.

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I have designed many websites, including Homework Help For Kids, Mr Red Blob and a few more.

Here is the progress I made in learning the programming languages HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery and PHP:









PHP, mySQL & WordPress Theme Development


Browser support

Unless otherwise stated, all my websites will work fine on the following browsers:

9+ All 20+ 26+ 30+


This portfolio site, Homework Help For Kids (our custom made WordPress theme) and Paul Watson Decorators meet most, if not all, of the WCAG 2.0 guidelines for Levels A and AA. We are currently making Mr Red Blob meet these standards.

Printer friendly

Printer friendly means that a website is designed so that, when printed, it does not display un-neccessary elements (eg. the navigation bar is hidden.) In my opinion, there are only certain types of websites which need this done (eg. reference sites may need this feature, whilst a gaming or shopping website may not need this feature.)

Currently, this portfolio site and the Homework Help For Kids (our custom-made WordPress theme) are "printer friendly".

Me with my coding books on a beach in Devon

Me with my coding books on a beach in Devon (sunshine is a rare sight here in Britain!)