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Homework Help For Kids

Homework Help For Kids is a free website helping children between the ages of 7 - 14 with their homework. It does this by providing information in History, Geography, RE, Science, Spelling Punctuation and Grammar (known as SPAG) and basic Maths.

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Project Summary

Software: Adobe Illustrator CC, Adobe Dreamweaver CC (Code View), PhoneGap (for compiling the app)

Fonts used: Amaranth, Niramit

Technologies and Frameworks: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, WordPress, PHP, Underscores (WordPress theme framework)

Time spent: Approximately 100 hours

Original website launch date: 2012/2013

WordPress website launch date: 28th August 2016

Website & Android app redesign launch date: 18th April 2020

Windows app redesign launch date: 31st August 2020

To find out more about the process I went through to complete the design, read my blog post here.





(Screenshots done using Chrome Dev Tools, frames automatically added by Chrome Dev Tools.)


Promotional material



The app is currently available on Windows and Amazon appstores, as well as a free downloadable APK for other Android devices. The current version of the app is (the redesign was added at 5.0.0)



The old typeface (left, or top on mobile) was Ubuntu, used for both headings and body text. Although it was OK, it didn't feel like a typeface for a homework help site.

The new typefaces (right, or middle and bottom) are Amaranth and Niramit. Amaranth (middle) is used for headings, as it is more decorative, whilst Niramit (bottom) is used for body text because it is more readable at smaller sizes than Amaranth.



I didn't change the logo, but I did change the colour scheme and, with it, how the logo was presented. The logo on the left (top) is the old version, whilst the one on the right (bottom on mobile) is the new version.


I changed the combination because it seemed more professional and it's easier to see than the old one.

The colour contrast between the two is best demonstrated when converted to black-and-white:


How Women Got The Vote eBook was made for Homework Help For Kids. Find out more about that here.