Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

By navigating through two or more pages on, you agree to this policy, which describes who collects your data, where it goes and why.

IP Address

When you visit the site, we will log your IP address. This also happens when you make a comment on our blog, only it is tied with your name and email. This is for security reasons.

Google Analytics

Like most websites, we use Google Analytics to gather information about our visitors. This includes the country you may be visiting from, how long you spend on the site, what pages you visit, how you came across us and more. This data is collected subject to Google's Privacy Policy.

If you don't want Google Analytics to track you, do one or all of the following:

Desktop: Click here to install a Google Analytics Opt-Out plugin for your browser. This means data won't be collected about your visit(s) to sites with Google Analytics.

Mobile: Install an app that blocks trackers. We recommend BlockBear, or just use an app such as DuckDuckGo ( | ) to browse the internet, which blocks trackers by default.

Matomo Analytics

We are trying out a new analytics platform, which respects DNT (Do Not Track) signals and allows you to opt-out very easily. All data generated by it is stored on our own servers, so it's only subject to this privacy policy. When Matomo records your IP, it replaces the 4th number with a 0 so we don't know your exact location.

The analytics software collects the pages you visited, how you found this site (search, direct entry etc.), where you're visiting us from (this is determined by the language option you set for your browser), how long you spent on each page, device information (operating system, model etc.) and any search queries you carried out using our site search engine.


You can opt-out from Matomo without having to install any plugins or whatnot on your browser. Just follow the instructions in the box below:

(If you're on a mobile device or you can't click the checkbox for whatever reason, click the button below to take you to the opt-out page.)

Matomo Opt-Out Page

COPPA (Children Online Privacy Protection Act)

This website isn't aimed at children under 13 and we don't knowingly collect any personal information from under 13s. If we are made aware of any personal information from minors, we'll delete it.

Personal information

For some of our services, we may collect some of your personal information (name, email etc.) We will never display your email address, but we may display your name (as part of a comment.) Unless it says you have to use your real name, you can use a made-up name, providing it's clean and not offensive (eg. Wingo5315.)

Sharing your personal information

We will never sell your information to third parties. However, we will share your information when we're required to do so by law, but we doubt this would be the case since we don't store much of your personal info.

Your rights

You can ask us to:

You can ask us to do the following regardless of what country you live in. The email address you need to contact is with the subject "Please (send/delete) my data" with your name and email address in the message.

DNT (Do Not Track)

We don't currently respect DNT requests... yet. We're hoping to do so in the future.

Last updated 26th July 2018