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Aircraft Buyer is a website that allows people to buy and sell aircraft and aviation services. This website was built for my friend's new online business, Aircraft Buyer Ltd.

You can find out more about what the website does here.

Project Summary

Software: Adobe Illustrator CC and Sublime Text 3

Fonts used: Montserrat and Inter

Technologies and Frameworks: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, WordPress

Time spent: Approximately 50 hours


Beginning of Planning: May 2021

Beginning of Development: July 2021

Development Completed: September 2021

Launch date: 15th September 2021





(Screenshots done using Chrome Dev Tools, frames automatically added by Chrome Dev Tools.)



The Aircraft Buyer logo is designed to be modern, clean and simple. It fits into spaces big and small, with an icon also created to be used on social media profiles and as the website icon.

Blue Aircraft Buyer Logo
White Aircraft Buyer Logo


The typeface used for headings and the logo was Montserrat, which was used because it fitted with the simple yet modern branding. For the body text, I used Inter because, when compared, it was easier to read than Montserrat at smaller sizes.


A rough pencil drawing of an aircraft listing
A rough pencil drawing of an aviation services page with a search bar and featured listings
A rough pencil drawing of aircraft listing pricing tables.
A rough pencil drawing of the compare aircraft page.