Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Like most sites, we have a set of rules for what you can use this website for. This applies to calumchilds.com and all of it's subdomains (blog.calumchilds.com, photos.calumchilds.com etc)

Agreeing to the Terms and Conditions

You agree to the Terms and Conditions when you do the following:


When you enter a comment on our site (usually on a blog post) you must not say anything that is racist, sexist, offends those in a particular religion, use rude or vulgar language or promote violence. The comment must also not be off-topic. (We will decide whether the comment is acceptable on a case-by-case basis. If it's clearly spam, we'll remove it.)

What we'll do to comments that don't follow the rules

We will remove comments that breach the Terms and Conditions and if you are a multiple offender, we will permanently blacklist the IP address (four numbers that identify the device you're sending it from, say All computers and servers connected to the Internet will have one.) This means you can no longer comment on this website.

Please note that we reserve the right to archive all comments, for backup purposes and to pass them on to the appropiate authorities should we need to.


We've got a set of rules on how we deal with your data, and it's in our Privacy Policy. By using the site, you agree to this policy.

Our content

We have content on our site, and we have a set of rules of how and when you can use this content. The rules are in the Copyright Policy. By saving, copying or distributing our content in any way, you agree to this policy.

Effective immediately as of 18th March 2023, you must not use any of my own images found on this website to train an AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) machine learning model without my written permission.

Breaching the Terms

If you breach these Terms and Conditions or the Copyright Policy, we reserve the right to do one of the following:

Last updated 18th March 2023.


18th March 2023: Added notice on not using my images to train a machine learning model without my permission.

12th December 2020: Added changelog section, changed "2 pages" to "two pages", removed "ever again", changed "when you comment on a particular post" to "when you submit personal information to us."