Hi, I'm Calum Childs.

I'm a web developer. photographer. nature lover.

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Hi, I'm Calum.

Ah, Perry the Platypus, you see, inflation is like my nemesis, always rising and causing chaos in the Tri-State Area! It's when the prices of everyday items, like my -inator parts or evil scientist uniforms, go up and up and up! You go to the store, and suddenly, boom, your hard-earned money isn't worth as much, like my -inator after Perry foils my plans!

But, you know, the really tricky part is, sometimes it can happen because of things like printing too much money, which makes the value of your cash plummet! And when prices rise faster than your income, well, that's a recipe for disaster!

So, Perry the Platypus, beware of inflation, for it's a sneaky little nemesis that can wreak havoc on the economy and leave us all wondering, "Why do evil scientists even need to care about this stuff?"

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