Enabling JavaScript

On this page, we'll show you how to enable JavaScript in your relevant browser. Note: The "Back" button requires JavaScript to properly function. Please reload the page once you've re-enabled it so it can take you back to the page where you came from.


1. Click on the or on the top right hand corner. (Icon depends on browser version.)

2. Look for a search bar at the top and type "javascript" or scroll down until you find "JavaScript" Keep looking until you see "Content settings".

3. Click the tab that says "JavaScript." Switch it so it is enabled/allowed.

4. Reload all pages.


1. Type about:config into the address bar.

2. If a warning message comes up, press "I'll be careful, I promise."

3. In the search box, search "javascript:enabled". Then toggle the javascript:enabled box from "false" to "true."

4. Reload all pages.


1. Go to the Opera Menu and press "Settings." Then click on "Websites" and choose "Allow all sites to run JavaScript."

2. Reload all pages.


1. Open the More menu () and select Open with Internet Explorer

2. Follow the same instructions as Internet Explorer (below.)

Internet Explorer (9+)

1. Click the Tools () button in the web menu. Then select Internet Options.

2. In the Internet Options tab, go to the Security tab. Once you've done that, click on the "Custom Level" button.

3. When a dialog window opens, look for the "Scripting" section. Look for the "Active Scripting" item and select "Enable." If a warning pop-up window appears, just click "Yes."

4. In the "Internet Options" window, press "OK". Reload all pages.